Social Impact & Organisational Sustainability

We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic

perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization.

Policy Research

JayAllen performs a range of policy research focusing on impacts of policy on often marginalized sectors of society. To achieve this we use both quantitative and qualitative tools to address research questions and inform policy solutions. Our research is big on not so apparent nuances designed for complex governance contexts.

We produce reports, papers and policy briefs guided by well though out intersectionality, human rights based, transformation and participatory approaches. We assist our clients to package and communicate findings and results for their different stakeholders and platforms. To compliment this, we leverage on partnerships that already exist with solution holders to unlock engagements for our clients to take further the findings and proposed solutions.

Organisational Policy Development

Developing organizational policies for institutions that are learning, disruptive and iterative in approach is a core competency for JayAllen. We review, refine and develop new organizational policies to minimize failure, paralysis or doing harm in execution of mandates.

We develop key organizational policies aimed at inclusion, safeguarding, partnership management, membership, environmental preservation and doing business with a human face.

Development Policy Models

Consistent with the values of inclusion, equality and accountability, JayAllen assists its clients in researching and producing policy alternatives that are not neutral to cross cutting issues such as gender, youth, disability, climate and the environment, which are at the core of creating a just society. Our process flow in doing the work is through the development of briefs, analysis and the resultant policy alternatives.

Our clients benefit from in-depth intersectionality lense that aides in objectivity and sensitivities found in local communities and demographic groups. Our clients can rely on us for context analysis, mapping and deciphering power wielders and dynamics to target the proposed policy propositions.

Capacity Strengthening, Training and Facilitation

At JayAllen, we are committed to deploy our expertise and experience in strengthening capacities of NFPOs, private and public entities to mainstream key concepts, programme design content that addresses emerging issues in an ever changing environment. We support our clients to be responsive to emerging issues in the operating environment by offering trainings and facilitating mainstreaming activities.

We have incisive tools for use in refining visions, missions, values, programmes and interventions to respond to contextual dynamics without leaving many behind.

NFPOs Capacity Assessments

On behalf of our clients, we carry out in-depth capacity assessments when intending to identify new partners for implementation of new projects, expand reach or take up new issues in responding to emerging issues. We test systems, policies, structure and practice by using cutting edge and practical assessment tools that can be used internally and for external partners receiving resources or support from our clients.

JayAllen is trusted by its clients to give them objective and honest assessments that clarify the present, the future and what has to be done to get to the desired status.

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